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Friday, October 30, 2009

Special person of the Week

Our special person of the week lives with his mom, his dad and his sister in a ranch house. He has a dog named Ace, and two cats named Duke and Daisy. He also has fish. His favorite color is blue because he likes blue. His favorite subject is math because he gets to do math problems. His favorite TV show is ‘Man VS. Wild’ and his favorite book is Scooby Doo. He likes to eat Chicken Nuggets. He likes to ramp on his bike. He feels happy when he plays the play station. When he grows up, he wants to be an F-16 pilot because he wants to keep people safe. If he could go anywhere in the world, he would go to the North Pole. He feels he is special because he makes good choices. He feels the best thing about him is his Art work. He also wants you to know he is a really good kid.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Celebrating the 50th day of school

Our class celebrated the 50th day of school by dressing like they did in the 1950's. We joined with the kindergarten through 2nd grades and participated in six centers dealing with 50's. We played Pick up sticks and Jacks, put together 50 piece puzzles of the United States, did the hoola hoop, jump rope, and Hop scotch, read and learned about Dick and Jane books, went to a drive-in rootbeer stand, and decorated a picture frame to put our picture in. The afternoon culminated with a 50's day sock hop in the cafeteria. We had our own DJ 'The Toothfairy' to guide us through the songs and dances like the Twist, Hand-jive, Hokey Pokey, the Bunny hop, and many more. Everyone had lots of fun dancing. It was a fun day!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fieldtrip to Conner Prairie

Our class went on a fieldtrip to Conner Prairie, in Noblesville, Indiana. We enjoyed stringing apples, learning about animals and what an important part they played in the pioneer's lives. The children played with toys that pioneer children would have played with during our 'First Grade Experience' tour. Next, we went to the regular tour of Conner Prairie and saw sheep, cows, goats, real log cabins, Native American longhouses, a dug out canoe, a blacksmith, old- fashioned stores and an olden-day schoolhouse. The children got to dip a candle into the wax and they also explored a covered bridge. Lots to see and lots to learn. What a great experience!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Special Person of the Week

Our special person lives with his mom and his dad in a house with rectangles and a brown roof. He has a dog named Bane and a cat named Keiko. His favorite color is green because it is better than blue. His favorite subject is Art because he loves to draw. His favorite TV show is ‘Superhero Squad’ and his favorite books are Spongebob books. He likes to eat Chicken Nuggets and fries. He likes to draw. He feels happy when he plays with his Legos. When he grows up he wants to be an Artist because he loves to draw. If he could go anywhere in the world, he would go under the sea. He cares about his friends and he likes Spongebob. He has a family that lives in Louisiana. He feels he is special because he builds great stuff. He feels the best thing about him is that he is a nice kid.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Galveston Fire Department Brings the Smokehouse

The Galveston Fire Department brought the Smokehouse to Howard Elementary in order to teach Fire Safety. The firemen taught us how important it was to know our address and telephone number. We also need to know when to dial 911 and how to tell them about our emergency. We learned that we are to touch a door with the back of our hand to see if it is warm before opening it. We always crawl when there is smoke, so it will not get in our lungs. We need to establish a meeting place for our family to meet once everyone is outside. We should never go back in to a burning house. We let the firemen do that job.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Fun With Grandparents

We had Grandparents visit our room for Grandparents day. We had many grandparents and also some special people come visit our classroom. We read from our readers, did a math rap with our doubles math facts, did a math wrap around with our doubles, worked with shapes, recited our Pumpkin Play parts, and played Bingo with our reading vocabulary. Then we went to lunch and ate with our special guests in the cafeteria. We gave each grandparent a paper stating what we will do with our grandchildren when we become grandparents. We enjoyed our grandparents visiting. Grandparents are special people.

Howard Elementary's Student of the Month

Michael was chosen as Howard Elementary's Student of the Month for October. He was presented with an award at Northwestern School Corporation's school board meeting. Our Principal, Mr. Willman read the nomination and told why Michael was chosen. Michael is a good role model for other students. He always uses good manners, and has a postive attitude. He offers to help other children often. Michael tries to do his best at all times. He always has a smile on his face. We are so very proud of Michael!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

5th Graders Read as an Act of Kindness

Mrs. Smith's 5th grade class came to our classroom to read stories to each of the children in our class as a random act of kindness. They had read about random acts of kindness in their 5th grade reading book. So they wanted to pay it forward. Reading to us was a very nice gesture. We appreciated listening to the stories being read and the time the 5th graders spent with us.