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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our Special Person of the Week

Our special person of the week lives in a 2-story house with white siding and green shutters and door with her mom, her dad and her brother.  She has 6 Neon fish, 4 Zebra fish and 2 Ottos.  She has a fish tank in her room.  Her favorite colors are pink and purple because they are pretty.  Her favorite subject is Art because you get to make stuff.  Her favorite TV show is ‘Word Girl’, and her favorite books are Junie B. Jones books.  She likes to eat Tacos.  She likes to play with her family, swim, do gymnastics and play soccer and basketball.  She feels happy when she gives something to someone.  When she grows up, she wants to be a teacher because she thinks it would be fun.  If she could go anywhere in the world, she would go to China because she wants to see the Great Wall.  She likes to go camping with her family.  She likes to travel to Texas and South Carolina to see her grandparents.  She likes to play outside, play with her dolls, cook, play the Wii and make crafts.  She feels she is special because her mommy and daddy love her.  She feels the best thing about her is that she is a good helper.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Learning Centers about Gingerbread

Our Gingerbread Puppets!

Reading an interactive story about a Gingerbread boy.

Decorating the gingerbread puppets we made at our Distance Learning from the Puppetry Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Playing a gingerbread game and eating gingerbread cookies. Yummy!

Following directions to decorate a gingerbread boy.

"Give your gingerbread boy one green stripe for each brother you have."

The children took one bite and put the cookie down.  We graphed what part of the gingerbread boy they ate first.

Making clothes for our gingerbread puppets.

Reading stories about Gingerbread boys.

Getting ready to follow the directions to decorate the paper gingerbread boy.
                                     Our class had a lot of fun at learning centers!

Gingerbread Boy Puppet Distance Learning

The first grade classes participated in a Distance Learning coming from  a presenter at the Puppetry Center in Atlanta, Georgia.  We listened to various renditions of the Gingerbread boy story.  Then we followed directions to make a Gingerbread boy puppet of our own.  We had a fieldtrip and never even left our school!

Valentine's Day Fun

Our Valentine's party was a fun one.  We opened lots of Valentines from special people.  We made a pretty cuff craft, played a cupcake walk game and took home lots of treats.  Love was in the air!