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Friday, August 26, 2011

M and M's sorting project

We estimated how many M & M's were in our cup.  Then we counted them and graphed the results.

Counting M & M's.

How many M & M's are there? 

We sorted them by color.

Putting all the blues together, all the reds, all the yellows, all the greens, and all the oranges together.  Sorting is fun!

How many blue M & M's does he have?

Sorting the colors.

I did a good job!

Graphing the results.  Next, we eat our M & M's!  Yummy!

Vowel Boy Puppets (A,E,I, O, U)

Five little vowel boys... are we. There's A, and O, and I and E.  There's another brother too.  He's the one who is known as U.

Mrs. Stites' 1st grade class