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Sunday, August 18, 2013

First we estimated (guessed) how many M & M's were in our cups.

Next, we counted the M & M's.

Then we grouped the M & M's by color.

Then we graphed how many of each color.

And last... we got to eat the M & M's.

Fun project!

Each child estimated how many M & M's they had in their cup.  After guessing, they actually counted the M & M's.  Next they grouped the candies by color and counted how many of each color.  Then we graphed how many of each color, learning that to color in a graph, we start at the bottom and add one more square on top.  We compared which color had the most, the least and the same amount.  Then finally, we ate the M & M's .  Yummy!  What a fun way to learn many math skills!

Welcome to school!  Welcome to Mrs. Stites' First Grade Class!  We are ready for First Grade! 
Welcome to my First grade blog.  Let me introduce myself.   My name is Joi Stites.  I have worked in the Northwestern School system at Howard School for about 33 years.  I have taught first grade in the very same classroom all those years.  My son, mom, dad and I took a vacation out west to see Yellowstone.  It was a wonderful trip.  The mountains were beautiful. 
Now I am all rested up and ready for the upcoming year.  I'm looking forward to spending lots of time helping my First graders experience and learn many new things.