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Friday, April 6, 2012

Space Camp

Learning how to land a space ship on a specified area.
Astronauts wear gloves and have to work with no gravity.  The water makes the work harder.

Rockets need enough fuel to make it all the way to the Moon and back.

When emergencies happen, Astronauts need to be able to push the correct button in the dark to save the spaceship.

Getting fuel to rocket to the Moon.

Learning about gravity.

Space probes have to avoid asteroids and guide themselves through space.

Astronauts have no gravity in space. Their food can float.  We are trying to catch marshmallows in the air.

Gravity keeps the papers in the bucket.

Did she make it through safely?

    The children in Mrs. Stites' class participated in a Space Camp.  They went to various stations where they learned about a concept of space.  They threw marshmallows in the air and tried to catch them because there is no gravity in space.  They tried to throw a bean bag through a hoop to show they can guide their spaceship.  The children were blind-folded and spun around in space to see what they would do if an emergency happened in the space shuttle. Papers in a bucket will stay in because of gravity. The children blew up balloons in order to get enough fuel to rocket to the Moon and back.  They also made paper airplanes and tried to land them on a landing pad. What a fun way to learn about Space.

Pie throw for LLS

Getting ready to put a pie in the face of our Student Council volunteer.

One pie ... taken for the cause!

Getting ready for pie #2.
He smashed the whipped cream all over her face.  He had too much fun!     

     The children at Howard Elementary raised money for the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society.  For every $20 earned by a classroom, a child from that class could throw a pie in the face of our Student Council volunteers.  Howard raised around $1000 to help send a cancer patient to camp.  The children at Howard Elementary care about others.