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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from Mrs. Stites' Class

                           Happy Thanksgiving from Mrs. Stites' Class.

Making Bread and Butter

Getting ready to grind the wheat.  We learned how wheat is grown and how it becomes whole wheat flour.

Following directions to make whole wheat No Knead bread.

Learning how to crack an egg.

The yeast made the dough rise.

The dough is ready to put in the oven.

Yummm!  The bread is  cooked and smells delicious!

Shaking heavy whipping cream that was at room temperature to make our own buttermilk and butter.
Buttering the bread we made.

We are good cooks!

This bread and butter is yummy!
Mrs. Stites children read, compared and contrasted many versions of 'The Little Red Hen'.  We also learned about how wheat is grown and ground our own wheat seeds.  Then we followed directions on the recipe to make Whole Wheat No Knead bread.  All the children helped to make it.  We also shook heavy whipping cream to make butter.  The milk that separated from the butter is butter milk.  Yummy!  We are great cooks!

Pioneer Centers in Mrs. Stites' classroom

Trying to get the ball into the cup!

Twirling the button toy to make a pioneer yo-yo.

If you do it correctly, it buzzes!

Grinding wheat.

Grinding wheat is fun.  Look at the whole wheat flour we are making.

Mrs. Stites is teaching the children how to sew a pioneer button toy.

Mr. Turkey visited our room!

Playing with the ball and cup toy.

Concentrating while making the ball and cup  toy.

Mrs. Stites' class joined with Mrs. Dye's class for Pilgrim and Indian centers.  The children came to Mrs. Stites' class to experience pioneer centers.  The children ground up wheat to make wheat flour they will use to make bread.  They dyed cotton yarn using blackberries and onion skins.  They will use those strings to make a shell necklace.  The children made a pioneer button toy that worked similar to a yo-yo.  And they made a ball and cup toy and tried to see how many times they could catch the ball in the cup.  Fun afternoon!

Native American learning centers in Mrs. Dye's room

Tracing feathers for our head piece.
Wearing the bead necklace with and our feathers.

Playing an Indian Snake Game.

Playing an Indian corn cob game.

Mrs. Stites' class joined with Mrs. Dye's class to learn about Pilgrims and Indians.  In Mrs. Dye's class the children played an Indian snake game where they threw sticks down and added up the score.  They tried to throw a corn cob into a circle on the floor.  They also made  a pattern with their bead necklaces and  made feather hats.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Special Person of the Week

Our special person of the week lives in a ranch house with her Nana, her mommy, her stepdad and her 2 brothers.  She has 3 dogs named Blackie, Karmela and Rex.  Her favorite TV show is ‘Sponge Bob’ and her favorite book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  She likes to eat Ice Cream.  She likes to watch TV.  She feels happy when she is at school.  When she grows up, she wants to be a Veterinarian because she likes animals.  If she could go anywhere in the world, she would go to Mexico.  She loves pizza, coloring and playing dress up.  She feels she is special because she is herself!  She feels the best thing about her is that she is very kind.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Celebrating the 50th Day of School

Mrs. Stites' class all dressed up for the 50th day of school!

Lots of poodle skirts!

Really cool dudes!

Learning to play Pick up Sticks.

Putting together a 50 piece puzzle of the 50 United States!

Decorating the frame around a picture we had taken that morning.

Learning about the real Dick and Jane books.
Doing the Hand Jive!  We are cool!

Come on baby... let's do the Twist!

Big thanks to disc jockeys... Sandy and the Tooth-Fairy!  They made the atmosphere fun!                                                   

The kindergarten through 2nd grades at Howard Elementary celebrated the 50th day of school with learning stations all about the 50's.  The children learned to play Pick-up-sticks and Jacks.  The put together 50 piece puzzles of the United States, played Hop-scotch, Jump rope and Hula hoop.  They went to a pretend drive in and watched 'The Little Rascals' movie while eating a hotdog, potato chips and drinking a rootbeer float.  In the craft room they framed and decorated a picture of themselves in their 50's attire.  They went to the Library to learn about the real Dick and Jane books.  (Mrs. Stites learned to read using those books!)  Then the children topped off the day with a Sock Hop featuring Sandy and the Tooth Fairy.  What a fun way to celebrate the 50th day of school!