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Sunday, January 29, 2012

100th day of school Puppet Show

       The Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade children at Howard Elementary culminated the 100th day of school activities by watching a puppet show.  The puppets told facts, number stories and told jokes about the number 100.  After the play the children danced to a song that counts up to 100.  They would count 10 numbers and then do a fun action.  Afterwards, they watched a movie about Zero the Hero.  What a fun way to celebrate the 100th day of school.

Collecting cans for the 100th day of school

   The Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd graders at Howard Elementary wanted to try to collect 100 cans to celebrate the 100th day of school.  The children brought in 301 cans which will be donated to a local food pantry!  The children at Howard Elementary really care about others!  They are awesome!

More 100th day activities in first grade

Our snack bag filled with 100 things to eat!

The children counted out 100 pieces of 10 different things to eat.  10 of each item equals 100!

The children rolled a die and then had to mark off that number of squares.  The goal was to see who got to 100 first.

We are writing to 1000, 100 numbers at a time.

Reading books about the 100th day of school.

Writing 100 words.

Continuing writing to 1000. (It will take us more than 1 week.)

Some children are getting close to having their whole board filled.  Roll the dice again.

Reading books about 100.

Mrs. Stites is helping kids write and read 100 words.       

            The children in Mrs. Stites' class participated in learning stations all about 100.  The children gathered 100 pieces of food to eat.  They took 10 pieces of each item. (10 times 10 equals 100!)  They played a game by rolling dice and marking off that many squares on a 100's chart.  The first child to get their whole chart filled was the winner. We continued writing to 1000.  The children work on writing 100 numbers each week.  That helps them see the patterns in counting.  They read several books all dealing with the 100th day of school.  They also wrote 100 words.  The children were pleased to discover how easily they could read the words. (They are learning a lot more than they realize!)  What fun learning centers!  Lots of work.  Lots of fun!

100th day of school activities

We had fun celebrating the 100th day of school!
We made necklaces with 100 pieces of Ditalini.  We put blue ditalini on every 5th noodle, and a red one every 10th.  Now we can easily count by 5's all the way to 100!
We brought in collections of 100's things.
We sorted our 100 objects into groups of 5's, 10's, 2's, 25's, 50's and 100's.

Organizing the Q-tips into groups takes lots of counting.

We are also learning to multiply!

Working on counting noodles and putting  them into groups.

We wrote about what we would do if we had $100!
We ate a cookie with a 100 on it!   
      The boys and girls in Mrs. Stites' 1st grade class enjoyed the 100th day of school.  We actually made a 100's week of it.  The children brought in collections of 100 things and we sorted them by 2:s, 5's, 10's, 25's, 50's and 100's.  We realized we were learning to multiply.  We made necklaces using 100 pieces of Ditalini.  We counted by 5's and figured out how many more noodles we had to go to reach 100.  We wrote about what we do if we had $100.  And ended the day eating a cookie with a 100 on it.  What a fun way to learn!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Special Person of the week

Our special person of the week lives in tri-level house with his mom and his dad.  He has a fish named Baby Jaguar. (Who died right after this bulletin board was presented.)  His favorite color is green because so many things are green.  His favorite subject is Writing because he likes to think about things and then write about them.  His favorite TV show is ‘Tom and Jerry’ and his favorite book is Scooby Doo!  He likes to eat crackers and cheese.  He likes to ride his bike, play with his dad and fly his airplanes.  He feels happy when someone tickles him.  When he grows up, he wants to be a firefighter because he wants to help save people from fires.  If he could go anywhere in the world, he would go to Florida.  He has a lot of toys.  He feels he is special because he is in his family.  He feels the best thing about him is his mom and dad love him.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

3rd graders work on Fluency

           Mr. Betzner's 3rd grade class comes to Mrs. Stites' 1st grade class to read every week.  The 3rd graders read to the 1st graders for fluency practice and then ask the 1st graders questions about their story.  This week the 1st graders also read to their 3rd grade partners.  Each first grader in Mrs. Stites' classroom earned a reading slip that they can include towards their Reading for Ribbons program.  Every child benefits from our first grade and 3rd grade partner readers!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Special Student of the Week

  Our special person of the week lives in a 2-story white house with his mom, his dad, his sister and his brother.  He has a dog Roxie and a cat Blackie.  He also has a pet rabbit named Fluffy.  His favorite color is aqua because it is a cool color.  His favorite subject is P. E. because they play fun games.  His favorite t.v. show is ‘Untamed and Uncut’, and his favorite books are any dinosaur books.  He likes to eat his mom’s chili soup.  He likes to play X-box.  He feels happy when he plays football with his dad.  When he grows up he wants to be a football player because he likes playing football.  If he could go anywhere in the world, he would go to Florida.  He likes playing with Legos.  He feels he is special because his family loves him.  He feels the best thing about him is that he tries to do his best at everything.