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Sunday, September 7, 2014

M & M's graphing project

Each child received a cup of M & M's.  The estimated how many M & M's were in the cup.  
Then they counted the M & M's.  Next, they sorted the M & M's by color.  Then the boys and girls
graphed the results on a color chart graph.  We compared results.
And last.... they got to EAT the M & M's. 
What a yummy way to learn! (smile)

5 Little vowel boys

Each day the students learn the sounds and how to write a letter of the alphabet.  They sing a consonant song for all the consonants.  However, when it is a vowel day, they get to put on the vowel puppets and we sing the vowel song.
5 Little vowel boys... are we
There's A and O and I and E
There's another brother too...
He's the one who is known as U!

Helping Hands in First grade

The children in Mrs. Stites' first grade class have been learning ways to use their 'helping hands' at school.  We cut out one hand color to match the color of the day.  And then the children designed a poster using their cut out hands.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Apple centers in Mrs. Dye's classroom.

Making apple smiles with apples slices and marshmallows for teeth.

Fun apple smiles.

Painting apple trees.  They traced their arms and hand for the trunk and branches.  Then sponge painted the leaves and used a cork to paint the apples.

Playing apple memory with reading vocabulary words.

Painting apple trees.

Both first grades joined together to participate in centers all about apples. 

Apple Centers in Mrs. Stites' room

Sounding out the word for Apple Bingo.

Playing 'Hot Apple'.  Passing the apple around until the music stops.

Using Applejacks to play Apple Bingo with our reading vocabulary words.

Playing 'Apple, apple, apple... PIE!'

Waiting for the Bingo words.

Oh no!  The music stopped!

Trying to find the words for Bingo.

Making apple prints.  There is a star inside the apple cut through the middle.

Painting apple prints with apples as the stamps.

The children in first grade joined together to have centers in Mrs. Stites' class and Mrs. Dye's class.  While in Mrs. Stites' class the children played 'Hot Apple' and 'Apple, apple, apple.... PIE!'  They also made apple prints using apples as stamps.  The last center was Apple Bingo with reading vocabulary words.  They used Applejacks as markers.  It was a fun way to celebrate Johnny Appleseed!

Making applesauce

Graphing apples by size.

Graphing apples by shape.

Looking at Mrs. Stites' apple collection.

Cutting out a Johnny Appleseed puzzle while waiting to chop our apples.

Look at how long the apple peel is.

Chopping the apple into small pieces.

The apple peeler slices the apple too.

Chopping up the apples.
Measuring the length of the skins.

What a fun way to celebrate Johnny Appleseed.

The first graders each brought an apple.  We graphed the apples by size, (small, medium,large) by color (red, yellow, green, mixed), by stem and no stem and by shape.  Then each child peeled and cored their apple.  Next, the children chopped their apple pieces up and separated the pieces into two piles.  One went into the crock pot for the plain applesauce.  The other pile went into the crock pot for the cinnamon applesauce. They dug out the seeds for another project.  We simply put some water with the apples, set the crockpots on high and waited while the apples cooked.  The applesauce was yummy!  We are good cooks!  

Grandparents' Day

Grandparents listened to us read our Reading Homework.

The children showed the Grandparents the words they can read.

Mrs. Stites led the children in several songs and poems for the grandparents.

Doing the Macarena motions to say the 12 months of the year.

Reading to special people.

Working with shapes.

Grandparents came to our room to see our routine and spend time with us.  Most stayed to eat lunch with us also.  Everyone seemed to have a fun day.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Lots of Learning during Leaf Centers

Matching tiles to spell 'leaf' vocabulary words.

Making positive and negative images of leaves.  Nice Tulip positive image.

Sprinkling crayon shavings before we iron the leaves in wax paper.  Ir makes a beautiful stained glass effect with our leaves.

Sprinkling crayon shavings.  What colors should we pick?

Graphing the leaf colors we pick from the leaf sack.  Fun game.

Spelling leaf words with tiles.

Painting a negative image of a Maple leaf.

She can read all these words.

Getting ready to iron their leaves.

The iron melts the wax.  Look at all the pretty colors!
The first grade children in Mrs. Stites' class have studied leaves.  As a culmination to our study we did several learning centers all pertaining to leaves.  The children painted positive and negative images of leaves, ironed leaves using crayon shavings, used tiles to spell vocabulary words pertaining to leaves and fall, played a graphing game where they graphed the color of leaves from the grab bag, and worked on apps on the iPad.  There was a lot of learning going on... and also a lot of fun!