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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Lots of Learning during Leaf Centers

Matching tiles to spell 'leaf' vocabulary words.

Making positive and negative images of leaves.  Nice Tulip positive image.

Sprinkling crayon shavings before we iron the leaves in wax paper.  Ir makes a beautiful stained glass effect with our leaves.

Sprinkling crayon shavings.  What colors should we pick?

Graphing the leaf colors we pick from the leaf sack.  Fun game.

Spelling leaf words with tiles.

Painting a negative image of a Maple leaf.

She can read all these words.

Getting ready to iron their leaves.

The iron melts the wax.  Look at all the pretty colors!
The first grade children in Mrs. Stites' class have studied leaves.  As a culmination to our study we did several learning centers all pertaining to leaves.  The children painted positive and negative images of leaves, ironed leaves using crayon shavings, used tiles to spell vocabulary words pertaining to leaves and fall, played a graphing game where they graphed the color of leaves from the grab bag, and worked on apps on the iPad.  There was a lot of learning going on... and also a lot of fun!

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