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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Making applesauce

Graphing apples by size.

Graphing apples by shape.

Looking at Mrs. Stites' apple collection.

Cutting out a Johnny Appleseed puzzle while waiting to chop our apples.

Look at how long the apple peel is.

Chopping the apple into small pieces.

The apple peeler slices the apple too.

Chopping up the apples.
Measuring the length of the skins.

What a fun way to celebrate Johnny Appleseed.

The first graders each brought an apple.  We graphed the apples by size, (small, medium,large) by color (red, yellow, green, mixed), by stem and no stem and by shape.  Then each child peeled and cored their apple.  Next, the children chopped their apple pieces up and separated the pieces into two piles.  One went into the crock pot for the plain applesauce.  The other pile went into the crock pot for the cinnamon applesauce. They dug out the seeds for another project.  We simply put some water with the apples, set the crockpots on high and waited while the apples cooked.  The applesauce was yummy!  We are good cooks!  

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