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Sunday, September 7, 2014

M & M's graphing project

Each child received a cup of M & M's.  The estimated how many M & M's were in the cup.  
Then they counted the M & M's.  Next, they sorted the M & M's by color.  Then the boys and girls
graphed the results on a color chart graph.  We compared results.
And last.... they got to EAT the M & M's. 
What a yummy way to learn! (smile)

5 Little vowel boys

Each day the students learn the sounds and how to write a letter of the alphabet.  They sing a consonant song for all the consonants.  However, when it is a vowel day, they get to put on the vowel puppets and we sing the vowel song.
5 Little vowel boys... are we
There's A and O and I and E
There's another brother too...
He's the one who is known as U!

Helping Hands in First grade

The children in Mrs. Stites' first grade class have been learning ways to use their 'helping hands' at school.  We cut out one hand color to match the color of the day.  And then the children designed a poster using their cut out hands.