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Friday, September 30, 2011

Fieldtrip to Conner Prairie

Mrs. Stites' class.  A family would have carried everything they owned in a wagon of this size!
Children pretending to mix clay for the potter.

We learned how to 'tease' the wool.

To tease the wool, we had to pull it apart.  Then we twisted it to make  yarn.

We all ground up corn kernels to make corn meal.

We made holes with an old-fashioned drill.  It was hard work!

We had to twist it around and around and around and around.

Making a hole in a piece of wood takes a lot of time!

We sewed apples onto a string.  We will hang them up in our classroom to dry out.

We pretended to float in a dug out canoe.

We got to pet many animals.  This was a friendly goat!

We dipped candles into boiling bee's wax.
The first grade classes went to Conner Prairie.  We participated in a First Grade Pioneer program where we learned about log cabins, pioneer life, and chores children would have had to do.  We played with toys pioneer children would have played with.  This was an introductory experience for when we study pioneers in November.  What wonderful educational 'hands-on' learning, that we will not soon forget!  Lots of learning!  Lots of fun!

Apple Centers Celebrating Johnny Appleseed

Making Apple Prints!

What pattern should I make?

Playing Apple Bingo with reading vocabulary words.

Oops!  Someone mixed the paint.  Yellow, red and green make brown.

Making patterns with the apple stamps.  If you cut an apple in half the fat way, there is a star in the middle.

Playing "Hot Apple".  Keep passing the apple until the music stops.

Finding words on Apple Bingo.

Lots of apple prints.

We are using Apple Jacks for markers.  If someone gets a Bingo, they get to eat 2.  Everyone else gets to eat 1.

Some paint got other places besides the paper!  Fun times!
The children in Mrs. Stites' class mixed with Mrs. Dye's class to celebrate Johnny Appleseed's birthday.  In Mrs. Stites' class the children played Apple Bingo, made apple prints using apples as stamps, and played "Hot Apple" and "Apple, Apple, Pie".  After the children had experienced all 3 stations, we switched rooms and they went to 3 other stations in Mrs. Dye's room.  What a fun afternoon!

Making Applesauce

Most children in our class liked both the plain applesauce and the cinnamon!

Mrs. Stites is making apple graphs by sorting the apples in different ways.  We sorted by color, size, and shape.

After we peeled, cored and sliced the apple, we cut it into tiny pieces and then divided the pieces into 2 piles.

Peeling the apples with a fun peeler.

Cutting the apple into smaller chunks.

Look at how long the skin is.  It's all in one piece!

Peeling and slicing the apple.

Peeling  an apple is fun!

Making an apple crown to celebrate Johnny Appleseed's birthday.

Putting apple chunks into the crockpot.

It takes a lot of help to make applesauce.  Mrs. Stites appreciates all the helpers who volunteer their time!

Mrs. Stites' class made applesauce.  First we peeled the apples, took out the core, sliced the apples and separated them into two crockpots.  One we put cinnamon red hots in, and the other we kept plain.  We let the apples cook all day long, stirring occasionally.  At the end of the day we ate our applesauce.  We are good cooks!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Learning centers with leaves

Painting leaves is fun! Look at the Sweet Gum leaf!
Matching tiles to leaf words.

Making Leaf rubbings!

Painting positive and negative pictures of leaves.

Playing a Memory game with our reading vocabulary words.

Trying to find the right letter to spell the words.

Ironing the leaves to melt the crayon shavings.  Next we will hang the pretend stained glass leaves on our window.

After making a negative image, she will use the painted leaf as a stamp for the positive image.

Finding lots of letters for the leaf words.

Sprinkling crayon shavings onto the leaves and around on the wax paper before we iron them.

The leaf prints turned out to be really pretty!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Grandparent's Day

The children practiced their math doubles facts by using math wraps.

If they get the problems right the lines will match on the back of the wraps.

Using shapes to fill in spaces in 3 different ways.

Working hard on a shape project.

The grandparents enjoy watching their grandchildren work out shape problems.

Maybe we can add the hexagon shape here.

Hard at work filling in the space with different shapes.

Doing a math 'rap' for the grandparents.

Showing the grandparents how well we read!

The children in Mrs. Stites' class enjoyed our grandparents coming to our room to see what we do on a daily basis.  We sang a vowel song and a noun and verb song, did our math rap, did a math wrap up activity, read out of our phonics readers, and experimented with various shapes to fit them into a pattern.  Most of the grandparents stayed for lunch  What a fun morning!  We like Grandparent's Day!