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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Special Person of the Week

Our special student of the week lives in a trailer with her dad, her mom, her sisters and her brothers.  She has a pet alligator named Ramon.  Her favorite  color is purple, and her favorite subject is Art because she wants to be an artist and can draw.  Her favorite TV shows are ‘ICarly’ and ‘Victoria’s’ and her favorite book is The Five Little Penguins.   She likes to eat spaghetti.  She likes to play with Barbies and dolls.  She feels happy when she makes surprises.  When she grows up she wants to be a doctor because she wants to help people.  If she could go anywhere in the world, she would go to DisneyWorld.  She feels she is special because she smiles a lot.  Shelikes to play tea party, and her favorite animal is a horse. She feels the best thing about her is that she is happy.  

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin Play

Pumpkins Here, Pumpkins there.  Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere!

Pumpkins orange, pumpkins green.  All the pumpkins are nice and clean!

Hmmm.  Which ones do I want?

I know he'll pick me! I'm the biggest pumpkin!

I know he'll pick me.  I'm the roundest pumpkin!
Mrs. Pie will take these three pumpkins!

Jolly wolly pumpkin face.  You're happy, tell us why?

I'm glad to be a pumpkin FACE.... and not a pumpkin pie!

"Wunst they wuz a little boy who wouldn't say his prayers."  (James Whitcomb Riley poem Little Orphant Annie)

Riding on a broomstick for the poem Old Mrs. Witch!

The children in Mrs. Stites' first grade class performed a pumpkin play for the kindergarten through 3rd grade classes.  The children did a very nice job memorizing their parts and performing the play.
Afterwards they recited several poems including Indian author James Whitcomb Riley's poem "Little Orphant Annie".  What a wonderful learning experience to celebrate fall!

SADD students visit from the High School

Students from the high school came to Howard Elementary and read a story about making good decisions.  All first graders received a bracelet to remind them not to do drugs.  Mrs. Stites was excited that Kayla was in her first grade class.  It was so nice to see her all grown up and making good choices!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Special Person of the Week

Our special person of the week lives in a rectangle house.   The people in her family are her mom, her step-sister, her Step-dad and her dad.  She has a dog named Jake.  She also has 3 birds named Spike, Leelah, and Cracker .  Her favorite color is hot pink because she likes it.  Her favorite subject is Art because she likes to paint.  Her favorite TV show is ‘Sponge Bob’ and her favorite book is Bad Kitty.  She likes to eat Macaroni and cheese.  She likes to go to McDonald’s.  She feels happy when she goes to the fair.  When she grows up, she wants to be a doctor because she wants to fix people.    If she could go anywhere in the world, she would go to the Zoo.  She feels she is special because  she has dresses.  She likes Barbies, and feels the best thing about her is that she is smart.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Learning Fire Safety with the Smokehouse

Standing outside the Smokehouse.

Each child got to hold the hose to see how heavy it was.

After getting inside the firetruck, we went to the back to see the bigger water hoses.

Smoke rises, so we have to stay down low.

The children in Kindergarten through 2nd grade classes at Howard Elementary learned about Fire Safety by visiting the Smokehouse which was brought to us by the Galveston Fire Department.  The children entered a mock kitchen and were taught about dangers and how to prevent fires in there.  Then they went into a mock living room and learned about potential dangers there.  Next we went upstairs to a bedroom.  When the pretend smoke came into the room, we felt the door using the back of our hand so if the door was hot our hand would not be burned.  Then we crawled backwards down the stairs and went out to a meeting place outside.  We counted to make sure we were all there.  What a great way to learn about Fire Safety.  Thank you Galveston Fire Department!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Apple Centers in Mrs. Dye's room

We traced our hands in order to make the trunk of the tree.  Next we will paint green leaves using a sponge and red apples using a cork!

We are doing a good job following directions in order to paint apple trees.

These apple trees are growing nicely!

Playing a 'Memory' game with reading vocabulary.  Which apples should I choose?

We followed directions to make apple smiles!

Look at our Apple smiles!  Lots and lots of white teeth!

We are trying to match the reading vocabulary words.

One pretty apple tree....where are the apples?  
The children in Mrs. Stites' first grade class mixed with Mrs. Dye's first grade class in order to celebrate Johnny Appleseed's birthday.  While in Mrs. Dye's class, the children painted apple trees by first tracing around their hand and arm to make the trunk.  Then they painted the leaves green using a sponge.  For the last step, they put on bright red apples using a cork.   They made 'Apple Smiles' by following directions and using 2 apple slices, peanut butter and marshmallows.  What a fun smile!  The third station was a 'Memory' game, where the children uncovered and tried to match Reading vocabulary words by turning over two apple cards.  What a fun, fun day!